Why I want to life Off-Grid

Over the past few years I have had such an urge to build my own home and live off grid.  Grow my own food, make my own energy, just simply living off the land as best as I can.  I have been very interested in Shipping Container homes.  They are very easy to build, and extremely cheap compared to normal houses.  Once you have the land, its easy to go from there.  The standard shipping container is 40’x8.5’x8 and costs about $3,000 used.  You can make a house of one, or several of them.  The power would be supplied by solar power, and the plumbing would be a unique set up made of rain water collection, and dehumidifiers.  The toilets would be Composting Toilets which actually turn your waste into compost for your garden.  A lot of great thingscan be done with automation and the garden.  Automatic sprinklers and irrigation are used with rain water collection. For areas with hardly any rain, it can be attached to a well or water can be delivered to the reservoir.  The possibilites are endless.

This is just a wonderful way of life that is far less expensive and incredibly rewarding.  Healthy food and a healthy home is key to a long and healthy life.


About offgridhipster

Dedicated to a new generation of green.
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